Mercedes-benz sprinter 519 cdi travel 45 - 14/18 seater

The uncompromised luxury and comfort of a sedan, to share with up to 18 passengers. Our largest vehicle other than our coaches, has an excellent ride-quality given its size. With a standing height of 190cm, passengers have room to sit, stand, stretch out and settle in. The large fully automatic sliding door and step allow plenty of space to board and exit.


Inside is an enhanced cabin environment elegantly sculpted with hard-touch plastics ringed with chrome brightwork that add a level of class and style rarely seen in vehicles of this size. The sleek upholstery materials ensure seating is comfortable, with plenty of leg room for all passengers – so that even long trips are endurable. Although there are tinted windows for privacy, passenger’s visibility is excellent for taking in the beautiful countryside and sights. Our sprinters also boast cavernous cargo areas and compartments, for all luggage and equipment that needs to be transferred with you. 


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Technical details

mercedes-benz sprinter 519 cdi travel 45 - 14/18 seater

  • 14 adjustable seats (or 18 minus luggage compartment) plus chauffeur
  •  Enough room for 12 large suitcases & 5 small hand luggage
  • Safety belts on all seats
  • 4* Seating
  • Air conditioning
  • USB and power connections (subject to availability)
  • Light and air supply for every seat
  • Tinted windows
  • Curtains in strong sunlight
  • Modern equipment and ambience
  • Electric sliding door
  • WiFi (subject to availability)


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