Mercedes-benz V-class 250 extra long - 3/5 seater

An extremely good-looking large business vehicle. Designed with transporting Very Important People and professionals in mind, the V-Class is plush and executive. Thanks to the high seating the visibility is excellent, making it an exclusive vehicle for long journeys and city tours.


Passengers travel in comfort and style, enjoying the high-quality materials, smooth transitions and chrome applications which create a sensual atmosphere. The V-Class is the bigger but equally pleasant, refined and comfortable experience of a Sedan. We have the extra-long model in our fleet, ensuring plenty of room for you and your luggage. 


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Technical details

V-Class 250 Extra long - 3/5 seater

  • 5 adjustable seats plus chauffeur
  • Enough room 6 large suitcases & 2 small hand luggage
  • Safety belts on all seats
  • Air conditioning
  • USB and power connections
  • Light and air supply for every seat
  • Tinted windows
  • Modern equipment and ambience
  • WiFi (subject to availability)


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